Italy-Eurasia Chamber of Commerce

The idea of ​​creating a new Chamber of Commerce needs an explanation. Why an Italy Eurasia Chamber of Commerce. This idea was born in 1995. The long preparatory study slowed its course due to the pandemic that hit the entire planet. But it did not cancel what had been achieved nor the idea of ​​continuing along the decided path. To cross borders and go far, companies need valid support tools. Particularly to go so far. As far as the Bering Sea, as far as the borders of Alaska, once Russian today American. And to go further. In a globalized world, stopping at the borders of one's own country would be insufficient. An ambitious project, of course. But also achievable. Recalling a conference 40 years ago entitled "The role of parties in the era of Telematics" it can be said that those ideas of the future are reality today. The means of communication available make it possible to cover great distances in real time in contacts. Even the most distant places are quickly reachable and goods can reach great geographical distances in a short time thanks to the integrated systems of international transport. By rail, by road and in particular by sea. Without forgetting the possibilities of air transport where the stowage of goods will evolve more and more. And men and things will go far, bridging the distances in times not even imaginable in the past. We will accompany companies and their products on this journey. Not only large companies but also small and medium-sized enterprises which in many countries remain the connective tissue of their economies. And that in order to look ahead and present to the world the products of their undertaking in the global market, they need to join forces while respecting their autonomy. This also applies to intellectual property and to the great professions. The Italy Eurasia Chamber of Commerce sets itself these objectives, thanks to the active participation of several intelligences in the various product sectors. The Chamber of Commerce was born from an idea of ​​these intelligences which combines the experience of operators with a ten-year history and young innovators who have very specific ideas of what the future will be. The challenge will increasingly be on a global level. We'll be there!